In the 1996 film, Jumanji, Colin Hanks plays Alex Vreeke, Marin Hinkle plays Spencer Gilpin, Tracey Bonner plays Fridge Gilpin, Natasha Charles Packer plays Bethany Gilpin, and Marc Evan Jackson plays Principal Bentley. The movie also stars Carlease Burke as Spencer's history teacher Miss Mathers and Missi Pyle as the gym teacher Coach Webb. As the school's English teacher, Maribeth Monroe also appears. The movie also stars Michael Shacket as Spencer's friend Fussfeld, William Tokarsky as a food vendor, and Rohan Chand as a boy in a marketplace.

There are many aspects of the film that are worth mentioning. Jumanji has some great lead actors and is extremely funny. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are both fantastic as Spencer and Jack Blake. Karen Gillan, who played the stern Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is also a standout. Jumanji is a fun and entertaining family movie, but the movie might be too intense for younger children.

The movie's sequel has a great video game element. Players can choose their avatars and enter the world as Alan, Sarah, and Jumanji. It is important to note, however, that the game isn't designed to be beaten, so there are many ways to lose your life. And because it has such an addictive and incredibly entertaining plot, Jumanji is a must-see movie for all ages.